Meet Rob

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Rob Banse.

Rob Banse believes that integrity and reason matter. A church leader who has served in Western Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties for 17 years, Rob is now stepping up to represent his home district in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Rob was taught at an early age that life is about service to others. He attended Georgetown University, where he was first called to the ministry, and later trained at the Virginia Theological Seminary. Rob dedicated his career to serving those around him, working for 35 years as a pastor of the Episcopal Church. His work brought Rob and his family to parishes around the country, from Hawaii to Washington, Idaho, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and back to Virginia. From 2007 until 2018, Rob served the Western Loudoun and Northern Fauquier communities at Trinity Church in Upperville. 

Rob considers it the greatest honor to have spent his career caring for people, celebrating life’s great moments and supporting them through life’s greatest challenges.  Through years of leadership, he has learned real progress is made when we bring together a diverse group of people, listen carefully, and respond to their needs. From such conversations, shared interests and a unifying mission can arise.

Rob strongly believes there is more that unites us than divides us. In particular, his candidacy represents a desire to move away from inflammatory, partisan politics and toward real service that responds to the needs of his district. He will bring this unifying, compassionate approach to his work in the House of Delegates.

photo of Rob Banse with group in open field at sunset

Since retiring from Trinity Church in 2018, Rob assists in nearby parishes and serves on the board of the Windy Hill Foundation, where he works alongside community leaders to increase affordable housing options in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties. He hopes to continue to serve his neighbors in the House of Delegates. 

Rob lives in Delaplane with his wife, Janie, and their two dogs, Micah and Toby. They have three fantastic grown children, Holland, Lee, and Will.

Rob’s top priority is improving the lives of the residents of District 30 through effective and practical solutions.

Defending against overdevelopment and data centers that threaten our open land and conservation efforts.

Increasing teacher and support staff salaries to attract and retain talent.

Expanding counseling and mental health resources to improve student health outcomes.

Preserving farmland and ensuring our local farmers have the resources and grant funding to protect their livelihood.

Increasing affordable housing options by delivering relief to working families through rebates, tax breaks, and by fighting for fair wages.

Expanding access to Medicaid to protect vulnerable Virginians.

Lowering the price of prescription drugs and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for price hikes.

Protecting a woman’s right to make decisions about her body without interference from the state.