Rob’s Vision for Virginia.

Rob believes that there is more that unites us than divides us. His platform includes solutions to the everyday problems of HD-30 and reflects our shared interest in bettering our community.

photo of Rob Banse with boy on play structure


The husband of a school librarian and dad of three kids, Rob believes investing in public education is paramount to the success of our children and communities. Every child in Virginia deserves world class schooling, and Rob will work to fully equip schools with the funding and resources they need to succeed.

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Increasing teacher and support staff salaries to attract and retain talent.
  • Expanding counseling and mental health resources to improve student health outcomes.
  • Ensuring school facilities are safe and updated to support students and teachers.
  • Reducing the cost of higher education so that all students have access to quality opportunities after graduation.
  • Incentivizing college graduates to pursue careers in education in Virginia to reduce teacher shortages.

Preserving our Land and Environment

Rob is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable and safe world for future generations. He is committed to fighting climate change and preserving the natural beauty of Northwest Virginia to secure our future.

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Preserving farmland and ensuring our local farmers have the resources and grant funding to protect their livelihood.
  • Defending against overdevelopment and data centers that threaten our open land and conservation efforts.
  • Holding oil and gas companies accountable when they pollute our air and water and put community health at risk.
  • Investing in clean, renewable energy initiatives to reduce Virginia’s energy bills, create new jobs, and protect our planet.
photo of Rob Banse with group walking next to fenced field
photo of Rob Banse at kitchen table

Economic Growth & Affordability

Economic growth does not need to come in the form of overdevelopment. Rob will work to expand economic opportunity and address affordability in our area by bolstering existing business and infrastructure – without sacrificing preservation.

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Increasing affordable housing options by delivering relief to working families through rebates, tax breaks, and by fighting for fair wages.
  • Expanding rural broadband so that small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to improve operations, reach more customers, and bring new economic opportunities to their communities.
  • Investing in established local businesses to revitalize small towns.
  • Preserving and protecting farmland, brewers, wineries, and wedding venues which serve as the backbone of our vibrant tourism industry.

Public Health

Everyone deserves high-quality and affordable health care. Rob will work to expand coverage, drive costs down, and address the growing mental health and addiction crises. 

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Expanding access to Medicaid to protect vulnerable Virginians. 
  • Lowering the price of prescription drugs and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for price hikes.
  • Funding for mental health and opioid addiction treatment centers.
  • Incentivizing medical school graduates to practice in Virginia to address the healthcare workforce shortage.
photo of Rob Banse with group in field

Public Safety

People deserve to feel safe in their communities, from our roads to our schools. Rob will fight for public safety measures and support law enforcement as they work to protect us.

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Fully funding police and fire departments to ensure that they have the staff and resources they need to work effectively.
  • Ensuring traffic safety by investing in and improving infrastructure. 
  • Investing in professionals trained to respond to mental health crises, drug overdoses, and family disputes.
  • Reducing gun violence by honoring the rights of law-abiding citizens and through gun safety measures, including mental health and background checks.

Women’s Rights & Personal Freedoms

The freedom to decide about our bodies and lives is central to who we are as Americans. Rob Banse will protect women’s reproductive rights and opposes efforts to restrict speech and expression.

As Delegate, Rob will support:

  • Protecting a woman’s right to make decisions about her body without interference from the state. 
  • Keeping the government out of determining which books people can read and what media they can consume.
  • Upholding voting rights to ensure all eligible Virginians can make their voices heard.
photo of Rob Banse and woman at outdoor table